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"Over the past 25 years of practice, Rubin and Rubin has delivered its clients millions in tax savings"

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You worked hard for your money. Don’t let the government take it without a fight. Rubin & Rubin can prevent, negotiate, and or release IRS liens and levies on your account.

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Make sure that you protect your property from Tax Liens before it become levies on your account. Let our knowledgeable attorneys handle

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Don't lose your property due to a tax levy. Contact Rubin & Rubin, and let us handle your tax problems. Call 215-564-2672 for  FREE initial consultation.

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You can believe in a tax attorney who has 25 years of experience. David Rubin Esq. received a master's degree in tax law from Temple University in 1997.

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Take care of your tax problems before they become liens on your property. If you need assistance with an audit or tax debt resolution, contact us.

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25 years of experience

If you have liens or levies on your property, give us a call. With a master's degree in tax law, you can trust that David Rubin Esq. will help you with your problems.