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When the IRS refuses to listen, sometimes the only way to fight them is by having them overruled by the Court-the Constitution and the Law is the ultimate guarantor of your rights as a taxpayer. A TAX LAWYER can argue your case in Court, an Accountant can't. If the IRS knows that their position can be challenged in Court they are more likely to offer more reasonable terms.


Many tax attorneys are simply accountants with a law degree. Tax attorneys with trial experience who can best present your case to a Judge or Jury like Rubin & Rubin are rare. Having an attorney on your side with trial skills is the best way to ensure that the taxpayers receive the best possible deal before an appeal to tax court is necessary, and the best possible outcome if an appeal to tax court takes place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Summons are orders compelling the recipient to turn over to the IRS the records requested. They are typically issued to a bank and or to a delinquent taxpayer ordering them to appear before an auditor to answer questions and it means that the IRS is moving very aggressively against you. Failure to comply can result in enforcement actions. IF YOU RECEIVE A SUMMONS CONTACT RUBIN & RUBIN IMMEDIATELY! Certain legal objections can be raised to the Summons. Under no circumstances should you appear before the auditor without legal representation with you. Anything you say at the meeting can and will be used against you.

What if I get a summons from the IRS?

Many of Rubin & Rubin's clients have told horror stories about how they were duped into using these businesses paying them a lot of money over time, and never having their tax issue resolved. Most of the ads seen on T.V. are solicitations from tax resolution businesses; typically, they are staffed by telemarketers who will take your information over the phone, convince you to allow them to directly withdrawal money from your bank account or credit card to pay towards their fees every month and drag the matter out to maximize the amount of money you pay them. DO NOT GET RIPPED OFF! They are not tax attorneys, and usually not even accountants.


Never hire anyone to represent you against the IRS before you meet them face to face in their office. Make sure they are a licensed tax attorney. Rubin & Rubin will never set up direct withdrawals from your bank account; our fees are communicated up-front and in writing.

What about those ads I see on T.V.?

Our fees are tailored to the unique facts and circumstances of each taxpayer's individual case. We schedule an initial meeting with each potential client to discuss their tax situation and at the conclusion will quote the potential client exactly how much we will charge them for our services. We have a flexible fee and payment system and offer both hourly and flat fees.

Can I afford a tax attorney?

Over the course of the past 25 + years, Rubin & Rubin has saved its clients millions in taxes, penalties and interest. The amount that can be saved is unique to each taxpayer. After the initial meeting, we can make a reasonable estimate as to what Rubin & Rubin can accomplish on your behalf and our strategy to achieve it.

How much can you save me?

In today's day and age, with all of the personal information available to those looking for it, and with information sharing between Federal, State, and Local government, it is only a matter of time before you appear on the tax collector's radar. Your options are greater and penalties less severe if you file before the tax collector tracks you down. Rubin & Rubin can prepare and file your returns for you to ensure an accurate tax liability and advocate on your behalf to minimize and/or reduce any penalties.

What if I haven't filed tax returns in years?

Many options are available. Rubin and Rubin can establish a payment plan for you based on your ability to pay the tax collector, negotiate a lump sum reduced payment, and even stop all collection activity against you if you cannot afford to pay any money to the government.

What if I need to file or have filed tax returns but can't afford to pay?

Yes, the law, collection systems, and procedures to gain relief from tax debt is completely different between State, Local and Federal taxes. Most national tax resolution companies only handle federal taxes. failure to comply with the strict State and Local filing deadlines and procedures may have catastrophic results. We are experts at resolving State and Local tax issues.

Are State and Local taxes treated differently then federal taxes?

We can get the Levy released in many instances, but the sooner we act on your behalf the better-If wages are levied, it is possible to have the Levy released before the next payroll check is issued to you so you do not miss out on any of your hard earned wages. But we need to act right away. If you receive a notice of Levy, contact us immediately!


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What if my bank accounts or wages are levied?